12 - 14 March, 2018
Estrel, Berlin, Germany

IP, Patent, Trademark & Brand Protection Strategy


  • Compliance with the Nagoya Protocol on Handling Biological Diversity: Syngenta Interview
    Watch this interview to learn from Michael Kock, Global Head IP, Syngenta AG as he shared advice on the issue of compliance with the Nagoya Protocol on Handling Biological Diversity. Michael discusses the governance models that need to be established and the processes and tools that can be used to ensure global compliance, as well as sharing his views on what lies ahead for the IP world in 2016.
  • Enforcement of Global Trademarks: Tips from Phillips
    Jan de Visser, Senior Director, IP&S Manager Brand Protection, Philips shares his top 3 tips on global trademark enforcement, including enforcement in Asia and Africa, plus relationships with enforcement agencies. Jan also explains what he thinks will have an impact on the IP sector in 2016 and how external solutions providers should be supporting IP directors.
  • Brand Protection and Security Management
    Phil Collins, Head of Security, Bernard Matthews explains the benefits of their holistic security management and brand protection concept, how he overcame challenges to implement this new way of working and the tolls and technologies they have utilised to fight attacks to the brand.


  • Preparation Of Mechanical Patent Applications And Their Navigation Through The United States Patent Office
    Steven W. Weinrieb, Patent Attorney from the United States discusses the preparation of mechanical patent applications and their navigation through the United States Patent Office, as well as the parallels involved in the prosecution of corresponding patent applications in other countries around the world.
  •  Global IP Exchange 2016 Post Event Report Global IP Exchange 2016 Post Event Report
    Take a look at some of the themes and sessions that took place at the 2016 Global IP Exchange by downloading the Post Event Report which covers:
    • Exclusive insights into the delegates top areas of investment for 2016 – 2017
    • Key attendance stats so you can see just who participated
    • Unique interviews with IP leaders from Technicolor, F1, IBM, Nestle & many more
  • Innovation without borders: Six best practices to improve innovation success rates
    Evalueserve shares its report on successful Open Innovation practices based on experiences with companies such as Unilever and Nestlé. These include setting up dedicated teams, building innovation networks and developing an organisational culture to support innovation. Evalueserve’s engagement with innovation focused companies proves that smart technology, built on innovation best practices, is the key to faster, steadier and ongoing growth. Justin Delfino, Director of Sales Europe, IP and R&D Solutions, represents Evalueserve at the Global IP Exchange 2016, and is happy to answer any questions on the report and Evalueserve’s IP and R&D solutions.
  • Tactical Business – Driven IP Management Strategies: Exclusive Interviews Tactical Business – Driven IP Management Strategies: Exclusive Interviews

    The Global IP Exchange has just released a series of exclusive interviews with Nintendo, Nestle and Technicolor focusing on IP management and the protection and commercialisation of their IP.

    • Nestlé: Capturing Infringers To Sustain The Quality And Value Of Your Original Product
    • Caroline Perriard, Senior Legal Counsel – Digital/ E-Commerce, Nestlé Legal
    • Nintendo: Capturing Infringers To Sustain The Quality And Value Of Your Original Product
    • Neil Boyd, Senior European Counsel, IP Enforcement, Nintendo
    • Technicolor: Golden Opportunity – Commercialising Your IP By Converting Assets Into Capital To Profitably Grow Your Business
    • Manuele Wahl, SVP Technology & Trademark Licensing, Technicolor

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  • Protecting Intellectual Property Rights
    Miller Insurance Services Ltd, share their exclusive whitepaper on protecting intellectual property rights - a must read for anyone who is responsible for IP.