12 - 14 March, 2018
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Aligning IP With Your Business: Driving an IP Culture

The editorial team at the Global IP Exchange are sharing insights from 3 IP leaders across the globe to provide you with their top tips on IP, trademark and brand protection including their predictions for 2016 and tips to external providers.
Make sure to download your free copy of the eBook to learn;
  • The challenges the Chief Intellectual Property Officer at Philips faced when aligning IP with business strategy 
  • The importance of putting IP culture at the heart of your business with the Head of Legal IPR, Atos
  • How external providers can help IP leaders better align with the business and protect their rights
  • What will have the biggest impact on the IP sector in 2016

Top Tips on Cross Licensing & Monetization: Cultural Considerations in Asia Pac

The Global IP Exchange interviewed Steve Joroff, Director of APAC IP Licensing for IBM to get his top tips on cross licensing and monetization across Asia Pac. Download the Q&A to discover:
  • The main differences between cross licensing and the sale of IP in the US and Asia Pac and the reasons for these differences
  • How the cultural differences can affect this and how you can overcome this.
  • Top tips on how to have a successful IP monetization strategy 
  • The top trends to expect in 2016

IP Defenders

Coming to a desktop near you...IP leaders from Airbus, DSM and Ferrer feature in a brand new Defenders comic strip.

Download the complimentary comic to find out from these Globetrotting Defenders:
- What steps they are taking to drive efficiencies and overcome hurdles as everyone strives to do ‘more for less’ moving into 2015
- Which global regions they are finding the most challenges and how they are handling them
- What business and economic changes on the horizon will have the biggest impact on the IP world going forward

2017 IP Report: Investment Priorities

The 2017 IP Report: Investment Priorities is a definitive guide to the top challenges, projects and biggest investment priorities shaping the strategies of IP, Patent, Trademark and Brand Protection leaders from global corporates across the high tech, telecoms, software, pharmaceutical, retail, FMCG, online, oil & gas and engineering industries. Which challenges are keeping Heads of IP awake at night? And which services and solutions are they prioritising in 2017? You can find answers to these questions and many more in this critical investment report!


Thank you for downloading the 2017 Global IP Post Event Report

In March 2017, the Global IP Exchange gathered 110 CIPOs, Directors of IP, Patent, Trademark, Brand Protection

and Copyright under one roof with a selection of the industry’s leading solution providers to find solutions to the

following challenges:

  • How to create a practical, ‘back to basics’ IP strategy: What does IP strategy mean to you?
  • Innovative ways to manage legal spend (efficiently and cost effectively across IP)
  • Protection and enforcement of IP across the globe
  • Commercialisation: How to impact the top line by IP portfolio management and exploitation

From possible alternatives to the EPO, IP enforcement in China, online brand protection case studies and everything

in between, let’s take a look at the highlights that made this year’s Global IP Exchange the most successful one yet!

The Future of Global IP: Unlock the true potential of your IP portfolio

Over the past 6 months, we have had the pleasure of interviewing a group of true thought leaders in the IP space globally, plus we have heard from a range of IP experts during lively panel discussions and presentations at the IP Exchange events. From talking idea generation and improving revenue streams with the Head of Innovation at Siemens AG, to discussing the future for the IP sector with Uber, we have been able to dig deep into the themes of innovation and IP, driving a successful IP culture, overcoming IP management challenges thrown up by digitalisation and much more.

In this eMagazine, you can read insightful interviews plus watch presentations and panel discussions to help you build and drive forward your own IP strategy.


Planning and Implementing Successful Licensing Strategies

Matthias Ulrich Director, EMEA License Compliance, Dolby Europe Ltd believes it is important for businesses to first understand market conditions before planning a licensing strategy. He shares his own experiences at Dolby as well as predictions for the future of IP in Europe.


Uncovering the True Value of Your Company’s IP: Valuation Techniques, Best Practice and Development

Watch this presentation from the 2014 Global IP Exchange to hear from Dr Kai-Uwe Clauswitz, Senior IP Manager at Umicore as he investigates best practice when it comes to auditing and valuing your IP and offers practical tips on how a strong valuation system can be invaluable to your business.

Strategies to Deal with the Black Art of Managing the IP Budget

Watch this highly interactive panel discussion to hear Matt Dixon, Partner at HGF,
Seán Harte, Vice President, Senior Regional Counsel Intellectual Property of MasterCard, Jason Loh, Head of Strategic Planning Office and Head of Global IP Frontiers at Panasonic and Dorothee Von Cunow, Assistant General Counsel Patents at Philip Morris Products open up about whether it is possible to maximise value whilst reducing costs plus best practice in looking at historical spend, using software tools, consultants, renewals, filings and prosecution, plus much more!

Case Study: The Airbus Roadmap to Monetising via Licensing – How to Shift the Internal IP Mindset

Dr. Peter Westphal, Senior Manager, Strategy IP / Licensing at Airbus takes viewers through the Airbus Roadmarp to monetising IP. Topics covered include: investing for rewards within the Airbus IP team ; how to move from a protective IP mindset to a philosophy of innovation  and shifting the mindset to monetise and understand the needs of the customer.

Google Interview: Licensing Strategy and the Benefits to Google

Watch this interview with Kurt Brasch, Transactions Strategy and Patent Licensing Manager at Google to hear tips on licensing strategy and to hear more about the Google-Cisco license negotiations. Kurt also shares his insights into what he thinks will be prominent on the IP agenda over the next few years.


Patent Valuation and Monetization: Playing to Win

Given the economic uncertainty, an increasing pressure on costs and the need to deliver maximum value from every investment made, business leaders are focusing on making the most of an organisation’s assets. According to some estimates, intangible assets, a large part of which is patents, account for as much as 60–65% of a company’s value and the key drivers of its growth. Download this Whitepaper from Aranca to learn the latest on monetization including patent valuation, patent strength analysis and financial analysis.  

Developments in Patent Monetisation Around Increasing Transparency and Accessibility for Third Parties to a Company’s Patent Assets

Read this HGF Whitepaper to hear more on patent monetization, including the partnership between GE and Quirky plus the approach BT and Ford, H-P, Philips and SONY have taken to monetize their patents.


Preparation Of Mechanical Patent Applications And Their Navigation Through The United States Patent Office

Steven W. Weinrieb, Patent Attorney from the United States discusses the preparation of mechanical patent applications and their navigation through the United States Patent Office, as well as the parallels involved in the prosecution of corresponding patent applications in other countries around the world.

Innovation without borders: Six best practices to improve innovation success rates

Evalueserve shares its report on successful Open Innovation practices based on experiences with companies such as Unilever and Nestlé. These include setting up dedicated teams, building innovation networks and developing an organisational culture to support innovation. Evalueserve’s engagement with innovation focused companies proves that smart technology, built on innovation best practices, is the key to faster, steadier and ongoing growth. Justin Delfino, Director of Sales Europe, IP and R&D Solutions, represents Evalueserve at the Global IP Exchange 2016, and is happy to answer any questions on the report and Evalueserve’s IP and R&D solutions.

Exploring the Patent Universe: Venture Through Technology Companies’ Biggest Challenges

The Pat-Tech Exchange recently interviewed the Director of Licensing from IBM, Chief IP Counsel for Dräxlmaier, IP Counsel for Niko Group, Head of European Litigation for Nokia, IP Manager for Williams F1 and the Director of Licensing for Valneva to find out their biggest challenges.
In this free eBook you will learn:
  • How to ensure the IP and legal department is coordinating with the wider corporate structure to reach common business goals
  • What solutions and services are most crucial for aiding patent management and litigation strategies
  • What the future has in store for the IP world 
  • Current trends in IP and how this has affected their companies

Tactical Business – Driven IP Management Strategies: Exclusive Interviews

The Global IP Exchange has just released a series of exclusive interviews with Nintendo, Nestle and Technicolor focusing on IP management and the protection and commercialisation of their IP. 

  • Nestlé: Capturing Infringers To Sustain The Quality And Value Of Your Original Product 
    Caroline Perriard, Senior Legal Counsel – Digital/ E-Commerce, Nestlé Legal
  • Nintendo: Capturing Infringers To Sustain The Quality And Value Of Your Original Product
    Neil Boyd, Senior European Counsel, IP Enforcement, Nintendo
  • Technicolor: Golden Opportunity – Commercialising Your IP By Converting Assets Into Capital To Profitably Grow Your Business
    Manuele Wahl, SVP Technology & Trademark Licensing, Technicolor

Download your free copy today!


Compliance with the Nagoya Protocol on Handling Biological Diversity: Syngenta Interview

Watch this interview to learn from Michael Kock, Global Head IP, Syngenta AG as he shared advice on the issue of compliance with the Nagoya Protocol on Handling Biological Diversity. Michael discusses the governance models that need to be established and the processes and tools that can be used to ensure global compliance, as well as sharing his views on what lies ahead for the IP world in 2016. 

Enforcement of Global Trademarks: Tips from Phillips

Jan de Visser, Senior Director, IP&S Manager Brand Protection, Philips shares his top 3 tips on global trademark enforcement, including enforcement in Asia and Africa, plus relationships with enforcement agencies. Jan also explains what he thinks will have an impact on the IP sector in 2016 and how external solutions providers should be supporting IP directors. 

Brand Protection and Security Management

Phil Collins, Head of Security, Bernard Matthews explains the benefits of their holistic security management and brand protection concept, how he overcame challenges to implement this new way of working and the tolls and technologies they have utilised to fight attacks to the brand.


The Impact of Acquisitions on Trademark Portfolio Strategy: An AB Electrolux Perspective

Andreas Hohenberger, Head of Trademarks at AB Electrolux, Sweden, joins Global IP Exchange to discuss the impact of acquiring new companies on the trademark portfolio and brand protection strategy, and how the company is tackling counterfeiting problems in China.


Protecting Intellectual Property Rights

Miller Insurance Services Ltd, share their exclusive whitepaper on protecting intellectual property rights - a must read for anyone who is responsible for IP.


How Can Businesses Be Better Prepared For the EU's Unitary Patent Court?

Sajjad Karim, who is the lead Conservative MEP negotiating the Unitary Patent package, shares his thoughts on why this is a positive initiative for innovators as well as how companies in the region can capitalise on opportunities presented by the change in legislation.


Planning for the EU Patent and Unified Patent Court – How to Optimise your Strategy to Unknown Variables

Gain practical tips on the new Unitary Patent from Claudia Tapia, Director IPR Policy at Ericsson and Dr. Hugo Caro, Head of Intellectual Property Department, Grupo Ferrer Internacional. Speakers investigate how you tactically include the Unitary Patent into IP strategy, whether it’s best to opt in or out, validity challenges, litigation costs, NPEs and much more.

Latest Developments in the Unified Patent Court and Unitary Patent

Hear Alexander Ramsay, Vice Chair Preparatory Committee, Unified Patent Court and Deputy Director for Intellectual Property & Transport, Ministry of Justice update delegates of the Global IP Exchange 2015 on the procedural rules of the unified patent court,  how you can make the best use of the courts and mitigate costs and more. Jérôme Debrulle, Chair, EPO Select Committee & Director of the Intellectual Property Office, Belgian Ministry of Economy also summarises the timeline for the draft rules for the Unitary Patent, and shares tips on how in-house attorneys should be preparing. 

Planning for the Unified Patent Court: What Can You do Now to Prepare for an Uncertain Future?

This critical presentation from Paul van Beukering, Chairman, Preparatory Committee of the Unified Patent Court Paul and Manager Intellectual Property Unit, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Dr Eskil Waage, Lawyer, International Legal Affairs, European Patent Office, bring you band up to date with what you should ne doing to prepare for the Unified Patent Court.


The New Unitary Patent System: an EPO Perspective

The Global IP Exchange spoke to Margot Fröhlinger, Principal Director of Patent Law and Multilateral Affairs at the EPO, in advance of her session at the Global IP Exchange 2014, about work of the European Patent Office in implementing the new Unitary Patent System.


How to Prove the Importance of IP to the Board: Interview with DSMs Global VP IP

Watch this insightful presentation to get tips from Dietmar Pressner, Global Vice President Intellectual Property at DSM as he shares advice on how to speak the same language, structure targets to reflect the company needs and the challenges he sees over the next 5 years.


How to Add Value to Your Business Through Trademarks and Brand

Petra Herkul, Head of Trademarks at DSM, joins IQPC Exchange to discuss how companies can leverage brand equity to add value to their business, and identify potential value from their trademark portfolios.


The Importance of Forging a Presence in China: Opportunities and Risk Management in One of the Fastest Growing Economies in the World

Benoit Misonne, Team Leader, Technical Experts' Team, IP Key, OHIM and He Jing, Attorney at Law, AnJie Law Firm discuss the opportunities and risks of doing business in China and offer tips on how to get ahead in the region.


Global Anti-Counterfeiting Strategy at Dolby and Husqvarna

Ben Guy, Director Brand Protection at Dolby and Lars Henriksson, General Counsel IP at Husqvarna present on the global strategies them employ to handle modern counterfeiting. In this presentation, speakers explain which national authorities to use, which networks to build along with many other key areas in the fight against counterfeiting.