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Founded in 2004 in Munich Germany, ipan represents a new approach to the management and administration of intellectual property. By creating a global network of more than 100 leading IP firms representing more than 240 jurisdictions, we are able to deliver unmatched levels of service, while also optimizing and reducing costs. This unique combination enables our customers to focus on innovation rather than administration, and has made us one of the fastest growing and largest IP service companies in the world, with more than 900,000 IP rights under management.

The ipan global network represents an international partnership of top professional IP firms. Our partners bring a level of experience, efficiency and capability that is unmatched elsewhere. ipan manages this professional network for you, providing you with a single point of contact, optimized pricing and streamlined workflow.

Our success is not only due to our partner network, but also our relentless focus on the needs of our clients. In addition to delivering a wide array of services, our advanced technical infrastructure provides you with a unique level of flexibility, quality and efficiency that will simplify your daily activities, enabling you to shift your focus from IP administration to more valuable tasks. To accomplish this, we integrate with your IP management system, your processes and your schedule, leveraging our multi-tiered data verification model and global partner network to minimize risk and optimize costs.

ipan represents the next generation of IP services and continues to innovate and expand its capabilities. From our global partner network to our advanced technical infrastructure, we are committed to advancing the industry and providing you with a unique service experience.

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Website: https://www.ipan-services.com/